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hi i need your help newgrounds

2010-12-31 12:00:19 by Crimzune

I'm doing a series on a comedy christmas special called I hate christmas. I don't know where to get the sound or any of the voice actors though so I need some help. I don't need it just yet, it'll take at least 3 months to finish so there's still a while to go. I've only drawn the house, it's not very good because my tablet broke though - I've been using the touch pad on my laptop.

I got the idea when i saw zanta claws 3 heres the link to those who haven't seen it
Zanta Claws III<a

The story line is based on a kid called cris and he hates christmas, So he packs his bags and goes to the north pole to find santa and end christmas. his friends think he's gone crazy becase who dosn't love christmas?

vocie actors i will give you full credit if you help with this project, and so will anyone else who helps with ideas or extras on the work so if you think i could inprove it or add a little more please dont be afraid to tell me.

i do think this post was a waste of time a litte, but oh well bb and i hope you all coment on this and give me some ideaers on my animaion thank you newgrounds.

hi i need your help newgrounds


2010-09-02 09:39:50 by Crimzune

i know no ones goin to comment on this but.... i am doin a anamaton on the night santa went crazy it will be release soon as posable.

hey guys

2010-02-19 16:01:21 by Crimzune

hey guys iv been working on a new project its a zombie flash im not sure what to call it yet so could i have some ideas of names or ideads i sholud put in it ill show u pic of below this

hey guys

just showing u what im up to

2009-10-25 12:26:22 by Crimzune

im only working on two at the moment tere not that good because iv only just stared heres one what i
did about 2 weeks ago it take me two weeks i was about 5 days really 2074_crumzun.php

this one about wind and fire i was happy with this one 2710_working_on.php 3129_working_on.fla

enjoy and tell me what u think and whats good and whats bad
and if eny one noses were to get the sound effects plz tell me